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Best Partner also has specific knowledge of renewable, low-energy and passive construction methods. We can inform you on specific criteria, points that require attention and potential problems that may arise. This enables us to differentiate the properties entrusted to us for sale or rent.

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Relevant advice to avoid getting lost in both renovation and new construction. The guarantee of a sustainable return on your investment.

Class C or class D ventilation, internal or external insulation, frames with or without ventilation, thermodynamic boiler, photovoltaic panels, thermal panels, boiler or pellet stove, ..... Many constructive elements that are now part of our jargon and that raise questions about their choice or their relevance. We have the necessary expertise to guide you and avoid the pitfalls (especially in renovation) of certain choices that are not very profitable and a source of problems. This also allows us to defend to the best of our ability, both for sale and for rent, the properties entrusted to us and which hold these various sustainable investments.

You are wondering how to make the most of your sustainable investments: