Firstly there’s the approach by an expert, afterwards a quality contract. You want sell your real estate but you only have a confused idea of its value? We present you a true expert method to evaluate your property. An appointment without any further obligation will ensue during which we analyze your property under all possible angles: aesthetics, technique, accordance with market tendencies, legal and taxation, its strong points and possible gaps. At a later stage, and only if you desire such, we will present you our services.

These are based on :

Technical, commercial and financial competencies
Modern and powerful tools for research and management such as :
Laser distance reader
Non-destructive humidity meter
A speciality data processing programme for real estate management which perfectly mirrors supply and demand and which also enables a complete and daily update and follow-up of the files
A remarkable communication to the target markets through a number of web portals, virtual visits and adequate media coverage which answers all specifics of each real estate property
A strongly developed feeling of a job well done and of integrity!

Being a real estate expert is not only about giving out estimates; he or she must stand with his entire knowledge at your service, be it for finding a buyer or for ensuring that everything is correctly done during the various transactions and that your interests are truly best served. Additionally, we will explain you what we mean with a quality contract. Contact us, A conversation prevails any explanation.


Trust applies only on a firm basis...

Your desire to let your property unmistakably signals that your investment is bound in a contract of trust. But before trusting, the basis must be firm. Thus, next to estimating the rentable value and/or looking for a tenant, we will provide you a very exhaustive typical lease contract, hands-on solutions as to dealing with possible disputes, some solutions on guarantee issues both to the benefit of the tenant and of the owner. It is frequently the manner in which rental income is managed that small errors lead to grievous problems. We propose a simple but extremely efficient procedure that guarantees that "everything will go well". We also make sure that before any tenant enjoys the lease, that the rental escrow guarantee formally exists, that an inventory of the property is undertaken by an independent expert, that insurance is concluded and that a first rent is paid as down payment..

Very much as with a sale, we designed this quality contract. Contact us, this only binds us.

Rental management

It is clearly not sufficient to own real estate; it still must bear sustained profitability.

What is a real estate manager ?

One frequently describes this profession as "the manager, the administrator..." Hence, it is a person who solely works for the account of an owner. He strives for an as efficient as possible sustained profitability of his property. In contrast to the syndic, or also administrator, the real estate manager works only for one single owner; this allows him to better outline the expectations and the projects of his customers. The real estate manager truly manages your property from a to z.

What is there to manage ?

A house
A villa
An apartment in an association of owners
Rental properties

What does our proposal imply ?

We represent you; hence, we do everything an owner must fulfil.

We commit to :


We seek the tenants. Our agency is well placed for both new leases as well as for renewals. We select candidate tenants and attempt to choose the very best ones so to ensure a rental of your property under the best of circumstances with the avoidance of bad surprises. We do the visits and the publicity shots for both paper media and internet.

We edit a lease contract to include all the required clauses protecting you of all traps, editing errors, of long and useless conversations at the end of a hiring contact with your resigning tenant. Of course, we pride ourselves to respect all standards and official rules to be included in this type of document.

Supervision of the rent payments

We have an individual accountancy for each real estate property for tracking the rental payment of the tenants. We send possible reminders, the indexations...

Supervision of work

When renovating or freshening up a real estate property, we rely solely on qualified professionals with whom we’re used to work. We keep under scrutiny the progress of all activities and attempt to negotiate and to stipulate best prices.

Execution of maintenance work

When maintenance work must be undertaken on a building, we rely on the best company. We inform all tenants by mail/phone and we supervise ourselves on the spot the activities.

Contacting the tenants during disputes

We represent you with the tenants and we engage ourselves when eventual problems arise! It is clear and obvious that your recommendation is of absolute necessity to us; We will report about exceptional disputes in monthly reports.

Inventory of fixtures (entrance, resigning)

We hire recognised and competent experts to make the inventories (entrance/resigning) of your dwellings in order to eradicate all contradictions at the end of the lease.


We keep accountancy of your goods. We will send you an elaborate annual report on our management role that will mention all the cashed-in rentals of the previous months but also the detailed cost inferred of this amount. Therefore, you receive the calculation of the net amount received, its payment to you and our honorary expense.


Experience and independence.

As the name intrinsically indicates, expertise is a fundamental question of experience. Our know-how concentrates on brokerage. This results in our service expertise on evaluating properties. With the added advantage of an independent view with simultaneously a professional rather than a haphazard view on the property in the market. Our main activity leads to an unmistakable advantage: a daily feel of the pulse of the market at each and every visit of real estate properties, be it on sale or to let.In doing so, we strive to be a step ahead of the rather traditional methods of comparisons: generally these classic methods reflect a market reality of at least 4 up to 6 months ago. However, the market evolves now faster than ever and in a far less linear manner.

When you want to sell your real estate property there is still this traditional reflex to call upon several real estate agencies for free estimates. Two problems arise then. Estimations free of charge firstly and most certainly do not guarantee any reliability as to the given value. And, the short evaluation time creates unmistakably an inaccuracy of sorts. An expert inspection of a property as well as the analysis of the different documents in this respect demand time. Then again, this method free of charge really does not offer any real independence. If it is free, is it not merely meant as a presentation of one’s service trying to obtain one more contract? Clearly, this implies all possible issues typical of any consensus.

A mechanism that guarantees our independence without costing you anything...

One thing of true importance is the trust you put in an evaluation. When we evaluate your property, you will keep a record of it. We hand over an evaluation report which describes the characteristics of your real estate property, both from a legal and technical point of view. There follows then an analysis of the place your real estate property takes on the market. It distinguishes the elements that make it attractive, the others that rather impede it and finally our recommendations how to valorise the real estate property as good as possible. At the end, we submit you its estimated value and a strategic recommendation how we plan to put it on the market. This report is certainly not intended to make you dream, but rather to help you at reaching a decision under full knowledge of the matter at hand. The fact that it is for free stems from the fact that we systematically subtract the cost of expertise of our brokerage honorary once the mission fulfilled. From that follows that you obtain from the very onset both a guarantee of independence with total freedom to appeal or not on a broker, and an expertise free of charge once that you’re fully satisfied with our work.

Accompaniment when acquiring

Buying a house or an apartment is for the majority of us a large step in the realm of the unknown. A true "combat track\” that can bring as much joy as vexations or frustration. How often did we not have to hear how a real estate property slipped under your very nose because some other dared what you felt incapable of doing, either because you lacked the information or just out of apprehension for a trap! How often don’t we see purchasers very disappointed with the good they acquired as it turns out to be far more expensive than initially reckoned with or that turns out to be a can of worms! Dreams of once are shattered, nightmares abound.

This means that buying a real estate property will influence your life; frequently it involves stepping back somewhat with respect to all of your feelings and keeping a level head when reaching fast decisions. That is only possible when you’re fully conscious about your acquisition and its implications.

By constantly running into candidates that are somewhat at a loss and with certainty became quite suspicious, we have developed an accompaniment formula to assist people at the purchase. The basis idea being, that an expertise generally answers only the one single question: how much it is worth! Let alone a bank expertise... it just evaluates the risk of the bank. So, you still remain saddled or stuck with your questions! Our approach recommends itself by its large flexibility, the listening part of it, and its fast effectiveness. The time required for counsel and answers is indeed freed for all of the different aspects of your project: purchase costs, budget of the activities, pathology of the property, administrative steps...

We pride ourselves to such services at the cost of a traditional expertise...


Best Partner Immobilière is without a doubt the only agency in Belgium that has three TÜV-certified thermography experts. This means that we can provide reliable, profitable information to our customers when giving advice on renovation and assistance in purchasing. Where possible, we can also differentiate between the properties given to us for sale, demonstrating that a competing property is much less efficient and more energy consuming.

In terms of rental management, this technology combined with our expertise means we can help customers determine the causes and origins of certain problems, significantly reducing research and repair costs. This helps us settle arguments over problems with damp, often attributed to the rented property (and therefore the landlord's fault), which are mainly due to a lack of ventilation.

Cutting-edge technologies

Best Partner Immobilière continually invests in cutting-edge products and services. This includes immersive 3D virtual tours so that potential buyers can literally ‘go inside’ the properties we offer, making it easier to come to a decision and saving our customers time. Please click on the link below to experience this unique adventure. The 3D plan is also worth a look, as it ‘teleports’ you into the desired room with a simple click.

Renewable construction

Best Partner also has specific knowledge about renewable, low-energy and passive construction methods. We can give you information on specific criteria, points that require attention and potential problems. This enables us to differentiate better between the properties entrusted to us for sale or rent.