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Experience and independence.

As the name intrinsically indicates, expertise is a fundamental question of experience. Our know-how concentrates on brokerage. This results in our service expertise on evaluating properties. With the added advantage of an independent view with simultaneously a professional rather than a haphazard view on the property in the market. Our main activity leads to an unmistakable advantage: a daily feel of the pulse of the market at each and every visit of real estate properties, be it on sale or to let.In doing so, we strive to be a step ahead of the rather traditional methods of comparisons: generally these classic methods reflect a market reality of at least 4 up to 6 months ago. However, the market evolves now faster than ever and in a far less linear manner.

When you want to sell your real estate property there is still this traditional reflex to call upon several real estate agencies for free estimates. Two problems arise then. Estimations free of charge firstly and most certainly do not guarantee any reliability as to the given value. And, the short evaluation time creates unmistakably an inaccuracy of sorts. An expert inspection of a property as well as the analysis of the different documents in this respect demand time. Then again, this method free of charge really does not offer any real independence. If it is free, is it not merely meant as a presentation of one’s service trying to obtain one more contract? Clearly, this implies all possible issues typical of any consensus.

A mechanism that guarantees our independence without costing you anything...

One thing of true importance is the trust you put in an evaluation. When we evaluate your property, you will keep a record of it. We hand over an evaluation report which describes the characteristics of your real estate property, both from a legal and technical point of view. There follows then an analysis of the place your real estate property takes on the market. It distinguishes the elements that make it attractive, the others that rather impede it and finally our recommendations how to valorise the real estate property as good as possible. At the end, we submit you its estimated value and a strategic recommendation how we plan to put it on the market. This report is certainly not intended to make you dream, but rather to help you at reaching a decision under full knowledge of the matter at hand. The fact that it is for free stems from the fact that we systematically subtract the cost of expertise of our brokerage honorary once the mission fulfilled. From that follows that you obtain from the very onset both a guarantee of independence with total freedom to appeal or not on a broker, and an expertise free of charge once that you’re fully satisfied with our work.

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